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Treatments and Services

 Sports Therapy:
While possibly firm, this technique is not deep and is for the purpose of re-oxygenation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, lymphatic system...  Inducing increased stamina and endurance for a Gold Medal Performance as well an excellent recovery from injury ~

Swedish Massage:
Relaxation and Stress Relief, Swedish Massage decompresses the muscles while utilizing additional modalities including Neuro-Vascular Dynamics (pressure point work) to address specific trouble spots while lengthening the muscles. This creates over-all circulation & releases a "tonic" of endorphins ~  

Deep Tissue:
Reduction of tight muscles and scar tissue; generating improvement in structural balance which is accomplished through various techniques such as myofacial release and neuromuscular therapy ~

Lomi Lomi:
Hawaiian massage; meaning: to rub, press, squeeze, massage; to work "as the claws of a contented cat". It is similar in it's movements to Swedish Massage, though Lomi Lomi utilizes forearms & elbows for firmer pressure and a wider base, and infuses you with pleasant therapeutic aromas ~